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Give into the void of evil, or stream through the light of good. With or without corrupted chakras...
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 Amegetsu Hozuki [The Mizukage/WiP]

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PostSubject: Amegetsu Hozuki [The Mizukage/WiP]   Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:39 pm

~.User Information.~

~*Basic User Information

Name: Kamre
Age: Just turned 13
Writing Talent: 6 or 7
Languages: English, and some choppy Japanese

~*Writing Information

Writing Sample:

~.Character Information.~

~*Character Identificiation

Name: Hozuki Amegetsu
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 164 lbs. 13 oz.

~*Appearance and Personality

General Appearance: Amegetsu has a very toned, and chiseled body. His jaw is clinched in a squared affect, and his pecs are rounded off. HIs abs are beautifully sculpted, and his arms bear his amazing biceps, which have grown over the years of wielding great swords. HIs pelvis is perfect. Unlike his arms, Amegetsu's legs took separate training. They are buff, but not as visible as his arms.
General Clothing: (You can divide this into "Casual Clothing" and "Formal ..." or more sections but remember this is for clothing only)
Personality: (Describe how your characters acts by themselves, around people, who they are to themselves, do they strive for power? Are they competitive? What is there biggest fear?)

~*Clan Information

Clan Name: (The clan name can be different from your last name, but essentially it is the last name of all clan members)
Kekkei Genkai/Blood Line Limit: (This is where you can put your character's clan's bloodline technique, remember that you can only have one, and if your KKG [Kekkei Genkai] has stages, remember to make sure that they do not develop powers that are over powered which will cause an overrulling on your clan altogether.)
Clan Village: (This is in which village your clan lives.)
Clan Traits: (Anything that clan members do naturally, or are born with, what they wear, etc.)
Clan Jutsu: (Put all your clan jutsu below here in the spoiler tags jutsu template is in the spoiler.)
Clan History: (This is optional, unless you feel it is necessary)
Open: (Yes or No, if "yes" please state if you want a PM for someone to join, or if you want a specific limit)

~*Rank and Village Information

Letter Rank: S
Village Rank: Water Shadow
Village: Kirigakure

~*Weapon, Jutsu, and Element Information

Primary Element: (Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, or Earth)
Secondary Element: (Chuunin+ Can start with two)
Tertiary Element: (Kage's and Akatsuki Leader have three at start)
Primary Specialty: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Bojutsu, Fuuinjutsu, etc.)
Secondary Specialty: (Same as above, just not as mastered)

(Weapon Template is in the spoiler below, keep your weapon in the spoiler please. Not too many unless weaponry is a specialty. remember to delete this note.)

(Jutsu Template is in the spoiler below, please use titles and spoilers to seperate your element jutsus, please do the same if you put your jutsu in another post.)

~*Historical Information

(Please put your history in arcs like below, you may use those, or your own)
Infancy Arc:

Toddler Arc:

Academy Arc:

Genin Arc:

~*Role Play Sample

Role Play Sample: (Here is where you put your role play sample, please remember that if your role play sample is over 500 words or just very lengthy, that is how I expect you post for every single post. This is where you set the precedent for all your other posts, if your role play sample is long, we will be sure to remind of this rule.)
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Amegetsu Hozuki [The Mizukage/WiP]
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