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PostSubject: Karladbolg, Noche [Raikage]   Karladbolg, Noche [Raikage] Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 8:36 pm

~.User Information.~

~*Basic User Information

Name: Noche
Age: Depends on my Attitude
Writing Talent:Anywhere from 5 to 7
Languages: I speak two languages. English, and bad English.

~*Writing Information

Writing Sample:

~.Character Information.~

~*Character Identificiation

Name: Noche Karladbolg
Age: 742
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 192lbs

~*Appearance and Personality

General Appearance:
Noche is on the right, with Depore to the left

Noche is a man of average height and weight. Noche has long black hair that reaches down to his thighs. His eyes a deep crimson. His jacket is a deep brown, accented by orange stripes. His pants match the shade of his jacket, with a thing orange pin stripe running down the seam of each leg. His sandals are almost like shoes, but are cut off, leaving his toes open. On his left hand he has two rings. The one on his ring finger is a large rectangle covering from the base of his finger to the first joint, with a cross covering it. The second ring on his pinky, is a smaller one of a standard iron cross.

Personality: ] Noche can sometime come of as crazy to others due to his constant talking to himself. He is in love with his sword, or at least the woman inside of it. He is a power obsessed person, doing whatever is needed in his quest to be the king of the world. While being a rather violent person when alone, he changes into a kinder, more reserved person when Depore is present in her human form.

~*Clan Information

Clan Name: Akuchi

Kekkei Genkai/Blood Line Limit:
Increased blood supply from an average of 5 liters, to nearly 8 liters Allowing for 3.2 liters of blood to be lost instead of 2.4 before passing out. All members of the clan that show this KKG have a from of hemophilia that completely prevents the clotting of blood. The user is able to manipulate and solidify their blood through cuts into various weapons for combat. Use of this skill can be used to counteract the affects of hemophilia by preventing the bleeding of a wound. These weapons can be whatever the user wishes, from blades, whips, projectiles, etc. While these jutsu require blood, not all blood used is lost. The user is able to recover most blood used back into their body, yet if fired as a weapon, or a jutsu is broken by an opponent, the blood becomes unsalvageable. Some clan member have taken to filling camelback like apparatus with a reserve of their blood. This supply provides a safer alternative than self-mutilation.

Clan Village: N/A

Clan Traits: Increased blood supply, Hemophilia

Clan Jutsu:

Clan History:

Open: Yes, but permission from me is required.

~*Rank and Village Information

Letter Rank: S
Village Rank: Kage
Village: Village Hidden in the Clouds

~*Weapon, Jutsu, and Element Information

Primary Element: Lightning
Secondary Element: Fire
Tertiary Element: Earth
Primary Specialty: Weaponry
Secondary Specialty: NinTaijutsu



~*Historical Information

As a child, Noche lived an average life. His parents were kind, yet firm, never mistreated him, yet kept him in his place when he got out of line. He lived his life as a middle class commoner, never knowing wealth, yet never having to suffer from poverty. Throughout his academy years, his scores reflected his position in life. Even when he put all his effort into his work, he could not do more than show himself as an average ninja. When he finally graduated, he was happy to have a new jounin that would help him to be stronger, yet was worried, that he would never be more than average. His mediocrity is what drove him forward, always trying to become stronger to prove he was the best.

Under the leadership of his new teacher, Noche was able to improve his talents. He became proficient as the team's medical support, along with developing his skills as a swordsman. While he was not a phenomenal healer, he was undoubtedly an undeniably important asset to his team's success. For a time, things were uneventful. His team went on missions, they completed them time after time, even if they had to scrape by by the skin of their teeth.
After two years of being in his squad, his leading jounin finally decided to nominate the three of them for their chuunin exams. By this time, Noche had developed both his medical skills and swordsmanship to a lethal leve, even being able to combine the two arts into a deadly mix. Proud with his skills, Noche accepted the challenge.

The chuunin exams proved harder for Noche than he had expected. He had barely been able to survive and be promoted to chuunin, but one of his teammates was not as fortunate. During the tournament style exams, his friend Jae Huyk was killed by his opponent. Saddened, Noche continued on without him, losing in the finals, but being promoted all the same.
It was during his time as a chuunin where Noche would find the means to achieve his end. He was sent on a B ranked mission, an assassination of a local daimyo who had been stirring up trouble for his village. Due to lack of funding, his village was unable to pay the proper amount to pay for a B rank mission, so in return they promised Noche that he could take anything of value from the daimyo's estate that he wished. Upon completion of his mission, Noche ventured around the giant house. He found some interesting items, but nothing of value. Coming to the study, he found a large collection of scrolls. Among them was a map, leading to a deserted part of the country, that he wouldn't be able to reach at his current skill. Keeping the scroll, he returned to his village.

After his success with the assassination, the village began testing his abilities by sending him on progressive more difficult missions. As his skills increased, the missions seemed to get easier and easier. At the age of 20, he was finally promoted to jounin. Feeling he finally had the strength and skill needed, he gathered up his tools, rolled out his map, and headed out to find the treasure it lead to. Coming to a secludded cave hidden in what appeared to be an extinct volcano crater, it was easy to see why nobody had discovered the area by chance. Entering the cave, Noche found a small shrine within it. It seemed like a shrine used to honor deceased loved ones, but instead of a picture in the middle, there was a small jewel, no larger than a ping pong ball. Picking up the jewel, Noche noticed a seal under it. But before he could get a closer look at it, and arm grew out of the tag, followed by a stone clone of himself. Caught off guard, the clone attacked. Noche would have died there, but instead when he opened his eyes, an enormous sword had cleaved the clone in two. Standing over him was a a girl who couldn't be any more than 15. She wore small bits of plate armor, her blue-white hair flowing behind her. Her one arm loosely wrapped around Noche's neck, the other holding the sword that cleaved the clone in two.
She turned Noche around and pulled his close as she whispered to him. "I like you, you smell of death. So I won't give it to anyone else." She slid the handle of the sword into his hand, and despite it being so large, it felt like it weighed nothing at all, and like he had been using it for so many years before. Looking up the girl had vanished, but in his head, he could still hear her speaking. "Even though you want to live so much, even though you want so much power, I'll give it all to you, so long as you will always be mine." The sword in his hand faded away, leaving nothing but the jewel had had picked up in the palm of his hand.

The Disease
After years of using the odd stone, Noche had discovered that the stone was called Depore, named after the woman who was sealed inside it centuries ago. Like Samehada, it was a sword that choose it's owner. And this time, it had chosen Noche. The two grew closer and closer as time passed. Using his new found power, Noche quickly grew in strength, quickly taking a place as the strongest jounin in the village. The stone had given him so much power, that it was even thought he could rival the kage. His reign as the strongest was short lived. Like most of the world, he was stricken with an unknown disease. Without any cure, he was reduced to a weak man confined to his bed. As he lay there, Depore again appeared before him, appearing the same as she did the first time she came to him. She laid her hand over his heart and spoke softly to him "I told you my power is yours, even the power to live." As he motioned for her to do as he needed, Depore's hand slipped through his chest as Noche screamed in pain. Pulling out his heart, he laid there screaming and writhing in pain. Take his heart, Depore held next to the stone she had been sealed in. As the stone grew around the heart and shrunk back to its original size, Noche began to calm, as he returned to how he was before he fell ill. "Noche, you and I are now one. Your body is now linked to this stone. You will live through the ages, yet never know death. So long as you keep this stone by your side." Placing the stone in his hand, she again faded away.

The Immortal Regis
Centuries later, the plague that had afflicted him, had ravaged his land. Over the ages, he and Depore lived, unchanged and immune to the disease. Over the ages, Noche had honed his skills to become the stuff of legend. To keep himself alive, he had Depore's stone implanted into his right hand, showing as a deep purple stone bulging from the back of his hand and his palm. Returning to his ruined village, Noche made his way to the collapsed kage's office. Using the rubble, Noche created a thrown where the building once stood. Sitting down in it, Depore appeared laying across his lap looking up at him. "Here is where we will start our empire Depore. Me the immortal king, you as my queen."

~*Role Play Sample

Role Play Sample:
It was a cold night in the streets of konoha. Clouds blocked out the moon, leaving almost no light to illuminate the streets. Sorin walked up to the entrance of the ramen shop. Soring brushed aside the cloth in front of the door as he entered the shop. Looking around the shop, he could see that the late night cook had not noticed him entering, not even looking up from his book. The shop was poorly lit, only the area at the bar had proper lighting. Quietly Sorin walked over and sat down at the counter. Hearing the creaking of the chair, the shop keeper looked up from his book. Realizing he had a customer, he swiftly stood to his feet and greeted Sorin. "Sorry about that. Didn't hear you come in." He smiled at Sorin as he wiped his hands on a damp rag and threw it over his shoulder. "So what will you have?" It was obvious that the shop keeper couldn't see Sorin's face, otherwise he would have noticed something was wrong with him. Sorin ordered without even looking at the menu. "I'll have a large ramen, with sliced pork. I'm practically dying for some fresh meat." Without a word the keeper went about making the dish. Turning his head to speak over his shoulder. "You know, we don't get many customers this time of night, but you came to the right place, we have the best food in town." Soring cracked an evil smile across his face. "So I've heard, and i do hope you don't disappoint." Lunging over the counter, Sorin tackled the cook, sending the pot of noodles flying into the street outside.. With a single bite, Sorin ripped through his throat, leaving him unable to scream. Leaving the man gasping for air, Sorin stood up and extinguished the lights before returning to his meal. Blood smeared across his face, Sorin ducked down behind the counter, hidden from those on the street, and began to devour the shop keeper.

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Zodiark, you know that I would totally love to exempt you from certain sections of the application. Please fill in a writing sample, and a role playing sample. Just to humor the others that will be applying so that I dont get whiny people from other sites that say "Me didn't have one, so neither do I"

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Approvlez, Raikage-sama!
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