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At the moment, Konoha and Kumo are the only open villages and they need shinobi as well as a Kage
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 List Of Clans

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PostSubject: List Of Clans   Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:27 am

This is the List of Clans. It includes all the clans of the site, whether they're open or not. They will have a short description and a link to the clan creation topic. Clans will be color coordinated and in alphabetical order.

"Yellow" means that a clan has a specific member limit. When a clan is in "Yellow" the creator will be sure to add a [x/x] so that you know how many people can join that clan.

"Green" means that a clan has no member limit and is open to all that desire to join it. "Green" clans, however, are still restricted to their one village. If an abundance of "Green" clans are added, the staff will be sure to prevent more from being created."Green" clans that are locked because of overflow will have a Strikethrough the name.

"Red" clans are closed clans meaning that no one can join them. "Red" clans are added to the list so that you can see if your idea has been taken. If, however, you wish to join a red clan, send a PM to the creator asking nicely; You can be denied joining that clan.

"Orange" means that a clan may not necessary have a member limit, and it may be open to all, but you need to get approval from the clan creator. They can ask for an RP Sample, or writing sample, but please respect their wishes in saying yes or no.

Now here is the list!

  • Hirotiro
    The Hirotiro clan members have a virus inside them which allows them to manipulate their body.
    10 per 100 members.

  • Kaguya
    The Kaguya clan members can manipulate their bones.
    10 per 100 members.

  • Kaodachi
    The Kaodachi clan has the knowledge of Yin and Yang Release to control Light.
    [1/15] PM
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List Of Clans
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